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snailbones in cloudcollecting

I've remembered to post again!


I'm forever taking pics of clouds, and completely forgetting to post... this one was over my house a couple of days ago - the double shape is the shadow of the lower cloud being cast onto a much higher cloud. Very cool, though as usual my photographs fail to catch the full glory!


Oh, nice nice cloud photo! And very glorious, just as it is!

I keep taking cloud photos and then not posting them too - tell you what, I'll try harder to remember if you will! *g*

I will try harder to remember! It's been a fab summer for amazing skies and clouds, too. Your sunset piccies especially have been wonderful. (I'm in the wrong place to get sunsets, curses!)

Lovely picture! You and the clouds combined to make a really good composition!!
I keep forgetting, too. Partly because I usually take pics when I'm in Portugal and away from too much internet... I will try harder because I love these photos and must contribute if I want other people to keep this comm going!!