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moth2fic in cloudcollecting

Seen over northern Portugal

A cloud, a disintegrating con trail, a feather in the sky?

I've already turned it into an icon whcih you can snag if you want. (Please credit if using.)


I hate to say it, but I think those are both the icon version - I'd love to see the bigger one though, as I think that's one of my favourite types of cloud... *g*
You're almost right - and thank you! Now replaced!! I uploaded the copy I had resized prior to fiddling with it to make an icon - was in a hurry and didn't notice!! I had to fidget with the contrast for the icon, too, to make the feathering stand out at such a small size, but the original has not had any manipulation!!
Oh, it's a lovely cloud... *g*

Isn't that pretty!

Yes. it is! We get really big skyscapes in Portugal so when there are clouds they're often spectacular. I have now reeplaced the pic with the full size one...somehow I got my various copies confused.