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snailbones in cloudcollecting

I finally remembered to post!

I fail at taking decent sky piccies - I only ever seem to have my phone with me when I see a fab cloud. Ho hum!

I did get this one a couple of weeks ago - there's a really nice corona right in the middle, which naturally doesn't show up in a photo! But still, wind clouds (cirrostratus maybe?) and gorgeous dark blue sky.



Lovely fluff!! Like candy floss! I saw wonderful clouds yesterday and didn't have my camera which is being awkward about its batteries.

According to my book on clouds, its nickname is Father Christmas Beard - awwww!

I so know the feeling of seeing something and not having the camera with me - it's so frustrating!


I wish I was better at getting photos - I must try to keep a decent camera to hand... camera phones have made me lazy!

But they make really good pictures! :-)