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Cloud and sea

margaret_r in cloudcollecting

Among the Clouds

Some pics I took on the flight back to Adelaide from Brisbane.

It's amazing to be up there among the clouds - looking down at them instead of up.



The view from an airplane window is something else:)  It almost, but not quite, made up for the six hour delay to our flight!


Oh, one of my favourite things - clouds as seen from above! It's one of the reasons I love flying, and I'm always desperate for a window seat so that I can keep it open and look - I hate hate when someone snags the windowseat and then closes the blind! I'm crossing my fingers for my flight to Aus later this year... *g*

Oh, and look at those lovely cirrus still up above your plane, too... *g*
I usually end up in the aisle seat but this time I got lucky and it was a cloudy day all the way so I spent most of the time snaping pics! Glad you like the result:) Having the cirrus above was even more special:D

I'm crossing my fingers for my flight to Aus later this year... *g*

I'm heading off to UK in August, knowing my luck we'll be in the centre row;)
These are wonderful. They remind me of a YA sci fi book I've just finished called Cloud World by David Cunningham. That second one would illustrate the book perfectly.
It was very much like being in another world up there with the clouds all around and the sun shining - definitely a Cloud World. I must look the book up:)
I'm really enchanted by the last one. A nice composition - the upper cloud conveniently paralleled to the wing's edge. It's a bit pity that the wing's tip is cut.
Glad you like it:) It was a choice, I think, between including the section of the plane window or the wing tip and I went for the window. I may have a similar one with the wing tip - I just have to find it!
If there wasn't too long lapse of time between shots, maybe it can be put together. Would you like me to try? :)
That would be great, thank you! The two photos were taken at around the same time and I'm more than happy for you to see what you can do with them. How do we arrange that?
I would need both photos (or more, if there was more - most probably some of margins will have to be cut off, so the bigger room for manoeuvre, the better). To save from your Scrapbook? Or do you prefer my e-mail? I'll send you PM.