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moth2fic in cloudcollecting

Portugal in May

We have had daily thunderstorms. Most days start with clear blue skies then clouds like the ones here barrel up over the mountains and spread out into general cloud cover, at which point it gets very noisy and the rain is amazing - one day it filled the water butt in one 'shower'. There are, of course, strong gusts of wind as the storms sweep in, but it is mostly very opressive. I meant to get the clouds at a different stage but the day I saw them my camera battery ran out at the wrong moment.

They rarely seem to form the traditional anvil shape but are very solid-looking and move and form fast.


How fab are those clouds - gorgeous! And I'm afraid I love the sound of your storms (I hope you're gearing up for visitors one of these years! *g*)
The storms are spectacular but after three weeks of them it gets a bit frustrating - sort of 'here we go again with rain and dodgy electrics'. May is definitely a time for storms! And yes, we expect visitors, at least the kind who don't mind the house being mostly a building site. (There is a comfortable guest bed and a hot shower...) margaret_r is coming in September and can no doubt let people know what they might encounter!! But September weather tends to be calmer!!
Unusual shapes really, and rather innocuous looking, considering what they develop into!
They're the front runners. After about ten minutes they are joined by more of the same kind then they rush towards you till the sky is grey.
Candyfloss! *g* That pole makes these photos great. Without it, they would be 'just another big & impressive cloud'.
Thank you! I think the pole allows you to view the clouds exactly as the photographer (me) saw them - their size and location are emphasised. When we bought the house we were a little bit annoyed at the positioning of the telephone pole but now we don't really notice it unless it useful, as in this picture, or when birds settle on it. It's just below our balcony. You can probably see the balcony in my icon but the pole might be hidden.
So it's the window view! Wonderful!
The house looks interesting. And BIG. If it's all one building.
It's all one building. It's big. It needs a lot of work but it is potentially fabulous, it's in a glorious place, and the weather is great! It has, or will have when we've finished, lounge, dining room, two kitchens, a 'utility room' (laundry), two small studies (in the twin towers), five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Then we intend to make a one bedroom apartment for rent in the 'adega', the cellar. It has a fruit farm, too.
Sounds fascinating. And there's a lot of glass between the towers, if I see well. Heh, my mother would be delighted and immediately set up a gazillion of pot plants there. :-D
The window is huge - it is virtually one wall of the room. It has to be replaced because some of the wood is rotting, but it has to be done eactly as it is now. It will be quite expensive!!

Most plants grow happily outside, most of the year. I suppose I could bring things in round about Christmas. In the summer it wouldn't work - they would burn, or if I left the blinds down they wouldn't get enough light. Plants are mostly for the balcony!!

At the moment I use it as a drying room - my laundry dries very quickly in front of that window!! Later, I will have my laundry room and racks and a dryer.