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Blue skies

byslantedlight in cloudcollecting

All the clouds in the sky...

It was a gorgeous day for clouds here today - I was deperate for my camera whenever another lovely floaty one drifted by my work window, but I'd left it at home. Luckily, there were some left over tonight...

There are so many different types of cloud in this pic that I don't know where to start - cumulus, stratocumulus (just edging in at the bottom, from the western horizon), cirrus, fibratus, virga... and even a distrail!

I swear there's a woman walking up there - can you see her?

I want to post more pics, cos it was a real Dr Seuss cloud day - all sprouts and tufts and feathers - but it's getting on for dark outside (just past 10pm), and I must get to bed... *g*


I could see her before I even read what you said. She's like a ghost up there. How weird is that...
Isn't she great - just walking through our world, disguised as a cloud... *g*
Gorgeous pics, and the cloud woman is fascinating!

I must start keeping my camera close at hand - I'm hopeless unless I'm on a journey in which case it's in my handbag.
She's great, isn't she! I was cursing that I'd left my camera at home earlier in the day too - there's something swaying me towards a smartphone, even if I don't really need one... handy for photographic emergencies... *g*

Oh beautiful! We had lovely clouds here too, but muggins didn't have a camera to hand... I kept looking up and calling myself names *g*

The woman in the cloud is fab.

She's great, isn't she, slinking along up there... *g*

I keep thinking that photographic emergencies such as the clouds today are another good excuse reason to invest in a smartphone... *g*

...photographic emergencies


It's taken me several months of dithering and trying to justify buying an iPhone, but I'm so pleased with it - I don't regret it for a second. And it does give me half a chance of actually having a camera with me *g*